Muaythai Group Class

Muaythai is an ancient martial art and combat sport going back to the old days when the people of Siam used a superior fighting art to secure their freedom and independence and evolve to modern day Thailand which has never been colonized.

Muaythai is one of the most effective close combat fighting arts also known as the Science of 8 Limbs. Because of its effectiveness, it has become extremely popular especially at eliminating strengths.

Muaythai is classified in many different categories:

a) Muaythai for fitness and health
Did you know that you burn over 1000 calories in a 1 hour muaythai class?

b) Muaythai for confidence and self-defense (Muay Boran, the ancient art of muaythai)

c) The weapons of muaythai called Krabi Krabong

There is something for Every Body in muaythai. For many, muaythai is just what it is, a way of life.

Even though we have moved into the modern days, the ancient traditions are kept alive and this is one of the reasons why muaythai is one of the fastest growing combat sports in the world.

It is built on 5 important pillars: Respect, Honor, Tradition, Excellence, Fair Play. These are not just the pillars of muaythai, they are the pillars of life where we stand on and which separate us from others.

Cool facts about muaythai. Did you know?:
⦁ That muaythai is recognized by the International Olympic Committee?
⦁ That muaythai is one of the 15 world recognized combat sports in martial arts?
⦁ That muaythai has a partnership with UNESCO, UN Women, Peace and Sport, Generation for Peace and Right to Play?

We believe everyone must have the right and opportunity to participate in muaythai and certainly sport in general. Muaythai reaches out. We are one family regardless of religion or culture and the only time a muaythai practitioner looks down on someone else is if he reaches down to lift someone up.

Come and join the family regardless of your abilities, your skills or age. There is something for you as we believe the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement and you will never stop learning, improving and our skilled team of instructors are here to help you strive for your excellence every step of the way.

Today, muaythai is an international sport which also brings freedom to many in a different way. In these modern times, muaythai assists in the battle against physical and mental health and also creates a sense of community by bringing people together to do and feel good especially within the 4 walls of “Mongkon Academy”.

Muaythai is for Every Body. It is excellent for strength and conditioning, effective for toning legs, arms, shoulders and core and is a fun and effective way to learn self-defense. Muaythai is for the young and old, men and women, abled and disabled and fighters and elite athletes of other sports disciplines.

You do not need to have any previous experience or sport training.

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Hours of Operation:

Group Muaythai and Private Training
Monday – Friday
7am-9am – Morning Group Muaythai Training
9am-5pm – Private Training
5pm-7pm – Afternoon Group Muaythai Training
7pm-9pm – Private Training

7am-12pm – Private Training
10am-11am – Muay Thai-gers Youth Program
12pm-2pm – Group Muaythai Training
3pm-5pm – Private Training

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