Mongkon Academy is more than just a training gym. It is located in one of Bangkok’s most established hotels, Ambassador Hotel, in the heart of Bangkok on Sukhumit Soi 11. Mongkol Academy is about giving back. “Do Good Feel Good” is our motto; contributing towards the ones in need and at the same time, participating in the various activities the academy has to offer.




Muaythai is an ancient martial art and combat sport going back to the old days when the people of Siam used a superior fighting art to secure their freedom and independence and evolve to modern day Thailand which has never been colonized.



Our children are our future. It is our duty to protect, foster and promote them. We are living in a world where many of the youth are developing into couch potatoes, locked in dark rooms away from reality, engaging in violent games on the internet and losing reality of the real world.


Private Training

We understand that whether you are a corporate worker or a mother, individuals these days unfortunately have limited time to work out. Our specialized trainers understand how to make every second count. You will forget your everyday worries, switch off your stress button and enter a world of sweat, excitement and fulfillment.


Group Private Training

Do you have a few friends you would like to work out with and/or experience a new hobby? Get your cardio and conditioning in while learning the ancient martial art of Thailand. Our experienced trainers will have you working hard while spending some enjoyable quality time with your friends.


Corporate Training

Did you know that only 30 minutes of physical activity every day:
- Improves health and boosts the immune system
- Helps maintains healthy body weight
- Decreases stress
- Encourages better sleep
These all lead to increased productivity, workplace satisfaction and teamwork.


Our Team

Many of you would have seen television programs like The Biggest Loser, Contender Asia, or the Emmy nominated realty show, Challenger Muaythai. You are fortunate as many of these celebrities have given their service free of charge to Mongkol Academy as part of the “Do Good, Feel Good” campaign. Former Female World Champions which have finished their educational career and have joined the world of sport management and nutrition are part of the gym to share their knowledge and experience to contribute to the benefit of others.

There is something for Every Body regardless of your abilities; fit or unfit, beginner or master, you are never too young and you are definitely never too old. We are one Family and the Mongkol Academy is part of the world sport community of NGOs. Above all, discrimination of any kind has no place at the Mongkol Academy. Come for a free introduction session and join us to be the best you can be and at the same time, to contribute and be part of something more than yourself.



3rd Floor, Tower Wing Ambassador Hotel Address: 171 Sukhumvit Soi 11. Sukhumvit Road, Klongtuey Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Closest BTS station: Nana
Telephone: +66 (0)820911038

Hours of Operation:

Group Muaythai and Private Training
Monday – Friday
7am-9am – Morning Group Muaythai Training
9am-5pm – Private Training
5pm-7pm – Afternoon Group Muaythai Training
7pm-9pm – Private Training

7am-12pm – Private Training
10am-11am – Muay Thai-gers Youth Program
12pm-2pm – Group Muaythai Training
3pm-5pm – Private Training

no training

For bookings and inquiries about private training, group private training and corporate training please contact us for further information.

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